Computer Aided Learning (CAL)
The Concept:

The Computer Aided Learning Program (CAL) creates an environment, where learning and assessment is fun and the opportunities to learn is equitable among the rural and urban children. The CAL is primarily introduced in rural government elementary schools covering the classes 1 to 8 to attract and retain children and also in the process, enhance the quality of learning by making “Learning Play”, “Assessment Fun” and “Equal knowledge for all”.

The Objective and Process:

The main objective of the CAL programme is to attract the children, retain them in the schools and to improve the quality of the education through animated multimedia based educational content. CAL objective is sought to be achieved through story based, animated cartoons, interactive games and riddles with the use of multimedia features. Spontaneous, self initiated and self regulated, the three critical aspects that make an activity play are integrated in CAL to make Learning Play and use of cartoons, story line and music is intended to make CAL as self initiated and engaged in learning.
Benefits :

This program will improve the IT literacy in the rural areas particularly and will go a long way in removing the digital divide in the state

Improve the interest of students in school studies and thus increase school attendance and better performance in examinations

It will improve the teaching process with the integration of the IT in the class

Improve student and teacher learning and productivity

Make the children better prepared for getting into secondary education and continue with Computer Education at a higher level

The basic objectives of this activity are :

To make the Students and Teachers familiar with Computer

To teach the subjects through computers

To use the educational software for hard spots

To enable the government school students especially rural area students to be at par with the urban and advance school students

YearNo. of Schools provided with Computer Lab
Total (Up to 2016-17)20502

Material providing Computer Labs in School(2011)

5 computers with 15 inch Monitors

5+1 computers with share computing

42 inch LCD TV

1 Ku Band dish Antena

1 Printer

Computer table and plastic chair

Process initiated

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