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Special Training Programme

Implementation of the historical “Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009” (RTE) brings with it the promise of a paradigm shift in the manner in which education is perceived and delivered. This ambitious initiative will fulfill the aspirations and dreams of all such children, who have remained out from the main system of school education or could not complete elementary education for various reasons. The RTE Act specifically provides for admission of all out-of-school children under the umbrella of education and continues till the completion of elementary stage.

With a view to bringing all out-of-school and drop-out children within the gamut of elementary education, there is a special provision in Chapter II Para 4 of RTE Act. It reads, “Where a child above six years of age has not been admitted in any school or though admitted, could not complete his or her elementary education, then, he or she shall be admitted in a class appropriate to his or her age.” In this Endeavour, it further states, “Provided that where a child is directly admitted in a class appropriate to his or her age, then, he or she shall, in order to be at par with others, have a right to receive special training”. This special provision in the Act necessitates development of Special Training Material Materials [STM] for mainstreaming of out-of-school children, which may be different from the existing teaching learning materials especially in respect of its organization and approach commensurate with the learning needs and styles for such learners so as to bring them at par with their peers. Further, in the Act, it is stated that a child so admitted to elementary education shall be entitled to free education till completion of elementary education even after 14 years.
SSA Gujarat has developed special Training Material for Children (OSC) who required special training to develop age appropriate competently. Also gave direction up to school for age appropriate enrollment in nearby school of all children and provide special training. Especially teachers (Balmitras) are appointed for age appropriate special training.
SSA Gujarat has started Special Training Form April -2010 for 6-14 years out of school children.

What is STP?

Special training programme is Under the provision of RTE Act-2009 to provide age appropriate Special training with the help of Special training material approved by state education authorities, and teaching by regular school teacher or trained EVs, in the school premises or as per the convenience of children, after mainstreaming in to regular school in age appropriate standard and tracking till the completion of elementary cycle (Std.1-8).

6-8 Years Out of School children are covered under Special Training Programme (School readiness Programme)

This Programme will be held in order to mainstream 6-8 years age group (Never enroll & dropout)children in to regular school during the enrolment drive after three months extra coaching with a view to building the capacity of never enrolled & Dropout children due to not attending regular school, migrating from one place to another school or due to some familiar or socio cultural customs or reason of illness. During this Programme children will be provided academic education with concept of joyful learning minimum 10 children & maximum 20 children per centre. Lady escort with minimum qualification of Graduate pass will be selected by School Management committee who will go to the children, bring them to class send them home safely & take care of children she will also work as supporter. EVs (Balmitra /Balsakhi ) will be selected by the School Management committee on the base of interest, convenience, minimum qualification of Graduate /H.S.C passed belonging to local area who will teach children.

According to the time table, guide line, module and teaching material. Nutrition will be given to the children. Though the Programme will be held during the vacation timing so it will be made interactive and interesting by trained EVs & Lady escorts. Monitoring will be done by EVs and the members of project staff from SMC to SPO

9-14 Years Out of school children are covered under Special Training ProgrammeFor the out of school children belonging from 9 to 14 years age never enrolled &dropout in the urban areas as well as in the rural areas including the tribal districts.

To provide Special Training to the Children of 9-14 age group never enrolled & dropout children after age appropriate enrollment.

Provide education of life skill

Create interest , positive attitude toward the education and increase the level of education

Increase the competency level of student to cope up with the same age group children.

Mainstreaming of children in to age appropriate standard and tracking till the complication of elementary education (1-8 standards).

Special Training Centers will be run in School premises or near by School


Children will be taught by especially engage teacher (Balmier) during the school Hours, MDM will be provided to every child. Special learning material will be use by the teacher for the classroom transaction, teacher will emphasize on the concept of Self learning.Activity: Activity will be done with the school children special activity like, Metric mela, Exposure visit, will be organize for batter self learning and development of creativity

Seasonal Hostel

In many districts many families are migrate from one district to other district. Mostly from Tribal District Seasonal Hostel will start to detain children in to their own village during the period of migration SMC run seasonal Hostel in their own village for the period of Migration. Children stay in Hostel and study in school while parent migrate.Tracking of migrant families is done by Migration Monitoring Software(MMS)

People are engaged in various activities like Agricultural work, Sugar factory work, and Ceramic work. Salt workers, Brick-making Business, Construction work. The Seasonal Hostel is for those children who are migrating with their parents and whose parent migrates from village and children stay in village. A local person with minimum qualification of Graduate is selected by SMC of the village concerned.

Children In Seasonal Hostel Separate Room for Boys and Girls

Tent Special Training

Every year number of families are engaged in Construction work of Buildings, Roads and Bridges due to this many families have to migrant from one district to other district or one state to another state. People are migrating 6 to 8 months for earning compulsion from their villages. Their children are discontinuing from the study. Migrating people go to the urban area. At the place of migration the children of migratory parents cannot continue their study due to non availability of school. A worksite will open in such areas to provide education to these children. Balmitra will be appointed from the nearest SMC. Balmitra will work for 4 – 5 hours in a day. MDM is provided to children by Near by SMC (School) Activities for Total development are being done.

Migrant Families and children are traced out by Migration Monitoring Software (MMS)

Children learning in Tent Special Training and in School At work side

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Special Training Program Progress Report Year 2015-16
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