Functional Areas

Teacher’s Training

Teachers should become aware with the various methods of classroom teachings, activities and innovative educational trends.

Teachers should develop their professional skills and apply them in making their classroom teaching more effective.
Selection of training subjects:

Selection of overall prioritizes topics prepared under self evaluation by teachers during Gunotsav-2010.
The training subject fields given in the self evaluation sheet:

Training regarding Pedagogy: This covers teaching-learning method, classroom behavior; Education in the correlation of age-group coordination etc. is part of it.

Content preparedness training: It includes all subjects' material development

Professional preparedness training : It is all about attitude building, Positive thinking, Motivational training, Team building, time management, Creativity, behavioral training, Communication skill, computer skill, School management, Account, life skill training, Documentation, report writing, child psychology, are some of the topic for the training.

Selection for training format: It is based on lecture and group discussion method, lecture and demonstration method, project work during training activity base training or a kind of workshop, training with audio visual equipment, training through distance education, exposure visit, Place on the training and support are included here.
SSA started various program with the objective of :

To bring quality in elementary education it increases learning ability of the children

Some of the programs initiated by SSA, Quality enhancement Cell
2) Pragna: Activity base learning (ABL)
ADEPTS (Advancement of Educational Performance Through Teacher Support)

This program started in 2 school of each cluster of the district.

1st phase started in 2008-09, two schools from each block of all district.

Phase-1 ADEPTS implemented all school teachers training by teleconference

2009-10 2nd phase of the ADEPTS is started in two schools of each cluster of the block.

Training is organized by the district for all Cluster Resource Coordinator and teachers of the schools having ADEPTS programme.

ADEPTS training is part of the In-service training.

Study material provided to all teachers, CRC and BRC coordinators from the state government.
PRAGNA: Activity base learning (ABL)

PRAGNA started in 10 schools of each block.

Children of std.1 to 4 special classroom teaching and material development

Training to teachers having PRAGNA program
Workbook and study material is provided to children studying in primary school:

Children studying in std.1 to 7 ; workbook is provided for practice work.

Science Book, Map book provided to Children of std. 5 to 7

Early reader book provided to Children of PRAGNA program

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