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Salient Features of the RTE
  • The right of children to free and compulsory education till completion of e l ementaryeducation in aneighbourhood school.

  • It clarifies that ‘compulsory education’means obligation of the appropriategovernment to provide free elementaryeducation and ensure compulsoryadmission, attendance and completionof elementary education to every childin the six to fourteen age group. ‘Free’means that no child shall be liable topay any kind of fee or charges orexpenses which may prevent him or herfrom pursuing and completingelementary education.

  • It makes provisions for a non-admitted child to be admitted to an age appropriate class.

  • It specifies the duties and responsibilities of appropriate Governments, localauthority and parents in providing freeand compulsory education, and sharingof financial and other responsibilitiesbetween the Central and StateGovernments.

  • It lays down the norms and standardsrelating inter alia to Pupil Teacher Ratios(PTRs), buildings and infrastructure,school-working days, teacher-workinghours.

  • It provides for rational deployment ofteachers by ensuring that the specifiedpupil teacher ratio is maintained foreach school, rather than just as anaverage for the State or District or Block,thus ensuring that there is no urbanruralimbalance in teacher postings. Italso provides for prohibition ofdeployment of teachers for noneducationalwork, other than decennialcensus, elections to local authority, state legislatures and parliament, anddisaster relief.

  • It provides for appointment ofappropriately trained teachers, i.e.teachers with the requisite entry andacademic qualifications.

  • It prohibits (a) physical punishment andmental harassment; (b) screeningprocedures for admission of children;(c) capitation fee; (d) private tuition byteachers and (e) running of schoolswithout recognition,

  • It provides for development ofcurriculum in consonance with thevalues enshrined in the Constitution,and which would ensure the all-rounddevelopment of the child, building onthe child’s knowledge, potentiality andtalent and making the child free of fear,trauma and anxiety through a system ofchild friendly and child centredlearning.

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