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Activities / duties of the council

The following activities / duties are carried out by the council taking into consideration the provisions contained in the frame work for implementation SSA.

  1. To provide school / Special Training.

  2. To provide a room for every teacher for every grade / class, whichever is lower in primary and upper primary.

  3. Civil Works : Improvement of school facilities and BRC / CRC construction and additional classroom at CRC level.

  4. Maintenance and repair of school building (subject to specific norms)

  5. School Grant

  6. Teachers grant for TLM (subject to the limit by the norms)

  7. Provision for Teacher Training

  8. Provision for training of community leaders

  9. Efforts to meet the special need of Disabled children

  10. Provision for Research, Evaluation Supervision and Monitoring

  11. To establish the Management structure.

  12. Innovative activity for girls education, early child hood, care and education, interventions for children belonging to SC/ST community.

  13. To establish educational units like BRC at block level and CRC at cluster level and to provide fund for their activeness and capacity building.

  14. To provide fund for setting up Special Training centers, Bridge course, Back-to- school camps with a focus on mainstreaming out of school children into regular schools.

  15. Preparatory activities for micro-planning, household surveys, studies, community mobilization, school-based activities, office equipment, training and orientation at all levels etc.

  16. To establish Model Cluster School under NPEGEL and provide fund for TLM, sports and vocational training.

  17. Provision for grant to Model Cluster School for meeting the expenditure on various activities for promotion of girls education.

  18. Provision for awards to school/ teacher at cluster level for the achievements in enrolment, retention and learning out comes of girls students.

  19. Training to teachers and peoples participants for gender sensitization

  20. CAL - Computer Aided Learning

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